McCloy Legal is a well established and trusted firm in Wiltshire with a vibrant motoring law department headed by Con Fernandes, a Solicitor advocate of over 40 years call, offering a wealth of experience in all types of motoring offences. We provide advice and representation throughout England and Wales on a range of motoring offences including speeding, drink driving, avoiding disqualification on penalty points ( “totting up”), driving without due care and attention (careless driving) and dangerous driving.

A fine, points on a client’s licence or even facing a ban can have a huge impact on their lives. Beyond the initial penalty, there are a number of knock-on effects, as points can, for example, mean higher insurance premiums and can seriously impact on a client’s finances, while a driving ban could mean a threat to livelihood.

Con Fernandes has a high success rate in defending clients, mitigating sentences and helping clients avoid disqualification and will offer support through a difficult period.